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  • Adam Chitsaz

Key Factors to Consider When Hiring a Painting Contractor

Here are a few steps that guide you on how to hire a painting contractor in Vancouver

You can take one look at your house and tell if it needs a fresh coat of paint. While doing it yourself may save you a little money, it is also an extremely labourious task that needs to be done right on the first go. Here are a few steps that guide you on how to hire a painting contractor in Vancouver.

a painter painting a house white

Know the job

Before hiring painting professionals, walk your home to determine exactly what you need done. Take into account both exterior and interior painting, as you may be able to negotiate a good overall rate instead of splitting the jobs. Take into account: Any work that needs to be done, such as hanging new doors, repairing molding, etc. Which colour you want to use and types of paints you want.

Word of Mouth

You may have friends or family who know some professional painters who did some work for them in the past. If you know any builders, contractors or designers, ask them whom they recommend.

Get Estimates

One of the best ways to ensure you are hiring the best people for the job is to get estimates from each potential painter. They should inspect the areas of your home to determine the pricing. The estimates should fall in the same range. If you find one or two differ widely, you may need to dig further to determine what corners are being cut (lower-quality products, fewer coats, etc.)

Interview Each Candidate

There are certain questions you should always ask contractors before hiring:How long have you been painting?Are you licensed, insured etc? Do you subcontract the work or do it yourself? Do you have any references? Will you give a written guarantee of your work? What kinds of products do you use?

Note Their behaviour

As you are speaking with the contractor, pay attention to their behavior. Do they project a sense of professionalism? Are they courteous? You want to work with someone who will treat you well and get the job done right. If they do not return your phone calls or show up late for appointments, you might rethink hiring them.

Check References

If the contractor has given you references, be sure to check them. Try to get some references especially if the company is new or not well-established in your area, and ask not only about the contractor but how their work has held up over time.

Develop A Contract

One of the most important steps in how to hire a painting contractor in Vancouver is getting a written contract. Outline the work being done, preparation and cleanup, paint colours, length of the project and when and how they will be paid. This contract can protect you if the work does not meet your standards.

Please let us know if you need need help with your painting project and will be happy to help!

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