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  • Adam Chitsaz

Tips on Choosing Colours For Your painting Project

With so many colour offerings and colour combinations, how do you even begin to decide your home’s new look?.

Painting the wall with a roller
Painting interior wall with a roller

So you just drove right past your house AGAIN!!

Looked just like all the others on your street, or was just too drab to catch the eye?

Has it been on the market too long with potential buyers looking disappointed before they even enter your front door?

You will be suprised what a fresh coat of paint from real painting experts can do for your house. And it is so much more affordable than new siding or that addition you have contemplated. Even if you go the slightly more expensive route and hire a reputable painting company, painting professionals can add enough value back into your home to make the expense worth it. But with so many colour offerings and colour combinations, how do you even begin to decide your home’s new look?

While most painting contractors might be able to help with colour selection, here are some tips for choosing the right colours for you:

Tip 1 - Your Setting

If you live in an urban neighbourhood, your fellow homeowners may be unhappy if your fire engine red home makes theirs pale by comparison. You may have made a statement, but is it a wise one? If the homes around you are all white, you can still stand out with a fresh coat of white and trim in red or your favourite bold colour. In a neighbourhood of muted tones of beiges, creams, and pale olives, make sure yours is not the same colour as those immediately adjacent to yours, and maybe not the same as any of them, but still in muted tones. White trim always looks crisp against any of these palettes.

On the other hand, perhaps your neighbours have discovered the joy of deep colours, mustard yellow, colonial blue, Kent green, or even that red. A white or subdued tone is almost an insult to the spirit of the community!

Perhaps you live in a rural setting. Nothing stands out against the greens of nature like a more intense colour. It speaks joy, like the first blossoms of spring.

Tip 2 - The Style of Your Home

A Victorian style home is often most elegant in pure white, whereas an old farmhouse wears traditional white and new, more vivid colours well. Spanish style stucco would look dark and heavy in deeper shades and looks best in very pale hues

Tip 3 - Consider Your Personality

If you are hoping to sell soon, try to go with more conventional colours such as those creams and taupe, but if the house is yours for life and you want to smile every time you see it, go for those colours that excite or calm you, make you feel like royalty or a cabaret dancer!

Whatever you decide, no paint is permanent. You can change the colour scheme again at any time.

No more just driving by! And probably others will stop to admire too!

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