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Commercial Painting Services

Painting a commercial property in Greater Vancouver is a great way to spruce it up and our skilled commercial painters can help get the job done.

Commercial Painting Services

One should take the same steps as an average house painting when it comes to paint application, commercial paint jobs in Vancouver require more detailed planning and better management.


It is important to develop a project plan for a commercial paint job before the work begins. Painting can be disruptive to the daily operations of a business, and it is advisable to prepare people who work there for what will happen in advance. While having a plan is a good idea for house painting as well, it may not be necessary for the plan be as meticulous.


House painting projects typically have fewer logistical challenges and don’t impact as many people. Some other things to consider when doing commercial paint jobs are the relocation of any merchandise or furniture, paint fumes that may impact employees and customers, and upcoming events at a business that may be impacted by painting.

Colour Selection

Whether you are painting a commercial space, or a home, you want to pick a good colour. For a commercial project, consider colours that represent the image you want to project for your company. Colours that match your personality are good choices for a house. Don’t rush the colour selection; you may not be pleased with the end result.

Contact us for your next commercial painting project and let us put together a detailed plan, pick an appropriate color, and give you the results that last for years to come.

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