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Interior Painting Services

Glamour Painting team of interior painters are expert in painting interior both repainting and painting new-construction developments.

While coating the inside is obviously different from the exterior, homeowners should educate themselves about the two categories of interior painting that require contrasting procedures, both in preparation and in execution.

Painting New-Construction

This type of interior painting usually occurs when the home is new and no one is currently living in it yet. New-construction painting is normally much easier in a way that the house is empty, meaning that furniture does not need to be moved, accessories do not need to be removed from the walls and people do not get in the way. In addition, because the walls are new, they usually will not need much attention other than possibly fixing up a few dings that occurred during construction.

However, painters will still need to do some preparation such as caulk all gaps and joints on new trim, as well as prime and the new drywall, fill and sand any dents there may be ocuring during the construction. They will also need to give the trim a smooth finish, usually done with spray paint. Once this has been completed, they are ready to poll-sand and spray the ceilings and brush & rolll the walls.


Repainting typically occurs when people have been living in their home for a while and are looking to give their walls a new look. Because there is usually furniture and other items in the way that need to be moved, this type of interior painting can take much longer to prepare for. Switch plates and blinds will need to be removed, and the floor must be protected. In addition, if people are living in the home, the painter will need to come up with a plan to eliminate interruption.

Once everything is out of the way, the walls will need to be prepped. If there is wallpaper, it will need to be completely removed. Professionals will then fill, sand and prime certain areas that have been damaged over time in order to give the wall a new, smooth look once it has been coated. After this is finished, the home is ready to be painted. 

If you are looking for interior painters that will give you the home of your dreams, give us a call. Whether you need a repainting or a new-construction painting, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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