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Pressure Washing Services

For an exterior paint job to be successful, a thorough pressure washing is necessary as part of the prep-work.

The over-growth of moss, mildew and accumulating dirt prevent the paint to adhere to a surface properly causing a paint failure and premature flaking.

Washing Prior To Paint

One of challenges that painters have to face from time to time is to go through that unnecessary extensive prep-work just because the surfaces weren't cleaned property when the paint was applied to them. The labour involved in scraping, sanding, cleaning etc on a large scale is a long procedure and hard work. Not mentioning the high cost involved and the inconvenience that most property owners want to avoid.

Regular Maintenance

Besides a proper preparation for a paint job, pressure washing regularly helps with the maintenance and longevity of your property. If you live in Vancouver or anywhere in BC, your house exterior or commercial building is exposed to high humidity and mildew over-growth. For that reason, having the exterior cleaned every year will not only keep you property neat and clean, but it also provides longer life-span to the exterior surfaces in general. At Glamour Painting, we have all the tools, equipment, and experienced staff to pressure-wash all types of surfaces including areas hard to reach and will get the job done fast, safely and hassle-free.

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